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team building and incentives

"Teams work better - when they work together"
Alice Vernon

Dragon boating is by nature a social sport requiring large numbers of people to work together – both on and off the water.

It develops strength, courage and endurance as well as commitment and friendship.

It is a large boat that unites many people through the sharing of a unique experience that is also fun and enjoyable.

Just like in the workplace, success in this sport needs a winning team, who knows how to work together.

Providing the challenge and excitement of high-level sport while at the same time accommodating all levels of abilities, the dragon boat is a great team-building tool.

Whether your objective is team-building, an inter-company challenge or simply a leisurely excursion, “Venice” will create a solution that can best meet your company ambitions.

You pick the location! In the canals of Venice or in the Venetian lagoon, on lake Garda or on a beach in Tuscany, in a mountain lake or at any of the fantastic flat-water locations throughout Italy.

For more information on what we can propose for you, contact:

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 Venice Canoe Team Building Dragon Boat

Team Building and Dragon Boats

Dragon Boating is a sporting discipline that is popular throughout the world. It is fast, exciting, spectacular and loud. It is a sport where participants race in long Chinese-style canoes that are adorned with the head and tail of a dragon. These boats are driven by 20 paddlers who paddle in unison and to the rhythm of a drum, while the helmsman keeps the boat on course.

This sporting discipline originated in China over 2000 years ago when, as legend goes, the popular poet and statesman Qu Yuan threw himself into the river Mi-Lo in a desperate act of protest against the oppression of his people by the government of the time. When the local fishermen found out what had happened, they launched themselves in their great boats in a desperate search for the body of Qu Yuan, racing against each other and beating the water with their paddles in great, forceful strokes to frighten away the fish.

These races not only symbolize the people's attempt to save Qu Yuan, they also demonstrate the Chinese virtues of cooperation and teamwork - where style and rhythm are more important than raw power.

In 1976, the Hong Kong Tourist Association launched this tradition as a sporting discipline throughout the world.

Venice Canoe Team Building Dragon Boat

The Spirit of the Dragon Boat

“All together to the beat of the drum” is the idea that probably best represents the spirit of this discipline which combines amateur enthusiasm together with professional competition, and largely contributes to its growing popularity as a team sport. In the last decade, thanks to initiatives taken by companies such as Ericsson, the dragon boat is used, more and more often, as an effective team-building tool to achieve greater collaboration and professional efficiency amongst company managers and employees. 

In Venice and throughout Italy, the Dragon Boat is practised both on competitive and amateur levels. Combined with the natural beauty of breathtaking water environments (lagoons, lakes, beaches etc) of the Italian peninsula and the predisposition of this boat that readily lends itself to incoming and incentives, the Dragon Boat has become an increasingly popular activity for team-building events. More and more often, guests of meetings and congresses strengthen their relationships experiencing together excursions or preparing and confronting each other in ‘ad hoc’ races between two or more boats.

Students, managers, athletes, tourists and whoever has had the opportunity to try the dragon boat, has remained highly enthusiastic by the uniting force of this sport.

“All together in the same boat!”  


Venice Canoe Team building Dragon Boat




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